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Sane Friends

Stringing it High

When you have Facebook, everyone you know and their mailman wants to be your friend. Not quite sure why. Do we need proof that we nice people and have friends? Or are being collected like a bunch of dime store knickknacks? Anyway people from my singles group usually want to be my friend at some point no matter how little they come. I have one lady who comes to one event a year. I classify her as high strung from a few incidents over the years. Where is this going you might ask? Well she is one of my Facebook friends. My other blog connects to my Facebook account when I post something. Most everyone gets a good laugh from them. However high strung lady informed me this morning that enough was enough and I had to stop posting bad female dating profiles. She even posted a link to some mail order husbands site. I didn't ask how she knew that one. I always enjoy when someone voluntarily views something that offends them and then demands that it be removed. Well the only thing that's going to be removed is the friend's status if it continues.

Kitcat's weekends with her son have been changed so much over the last week with her ex that I couldn't get it out of my head that she was free this weekend. So we got together late last night after she had worked out and ran. Actually it was perfect timing since I had ordered a car magnet for her that said "running girl".

We stayed up watching TV and cuddling on the couch until we were both sleepy. She confirmed that I was sleeping over. I told her I thought I was, but since we didn't talk about it before hand I didn't want to assume anything. She said she didn't get that from me, plus she invited me over at 10 pm so she thought I was. I told her that I'd start bringing a overnight bag since I'm usually heading out someplace when I leave there. Sleeping there last night went a lot better with the windows closed. Besides garbage pickup at 6 am with them making as much noise as possible it was good. I'm surprised that her place is that quiet. Also her cats I have to admit are very considerate. I know I'm taking their place in the bed which they've been good with. Throughout the night they'll hop on the bed, but if they see we're asleep they just go someplace else. I got so use to Asp's cats just walking all over me all night long.

Today I joined the rest of America in seeing Avatar. I really had no desire to see it before it came out, but so many people liked it that I thought I should. I passed on the 3D experience mostly because with my color blindness I didn't think it would work and didn't want to pay for that. It was a very good movie and worth the watch.

Kitcat called to share a funny story with me and I'll share it with you since its hilarious. Her friend is visiting her today with her 3 kids. The woman's 5 year old came running out of Kitcat's room yelling about this cool eye patch she had found. It was Kitcat's black thong.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Facebook is so much drama. That high strung woman can kiss your ass. I love it when you post dating profiles.

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