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Sane Friends

The Twin Debate

I'm finding I have to be mindful of the time when I'm with Kitcat cause time just flies when we are together. Last night we decided I would meet her at her place and then we would walk around her area for something to eat. She has a nice apartment a block off the ocean, however the public hallway is a distortion zone. The rug has stripes on it and the walls have blue painted supports. I got off the elevator and I though I was going to have a vertigo experience. I got to meet her zoo of animals which were very nice. One of her cats came right up to me for attention. Kitcat said the other wouldn't do that since she avoided strangers. I knew how that would play out and it did. Once I was comfortable on the couch the cat came right up on my lap for attention. Kitcat was surprised since she said she doesn't do that with anyone else besides her. I know animals and myself. They like me and always gravitate to me.

We walked around her area for some food. It wasn't as pleasant as it was suppose to be. A fog rolled in with cold, windy weather. I kind of knew where we were going to end up since most of the nice places were at the other end of the boardwalk. We ended up at Catch 31 which I knew would be a small fortune which it was. Topped with that the only place open after a wait was right next to the DJ's speaker and the bar area. We couldn't even hear each other over the table. It was sensory overload for me.

Kitcat wanted to have some questions answered about men in general. The first was why guys walk with their hands in there pockets. I told her it was a insecurity thing. I pointed out that all the guys walking in the place had their hands in there pockets and on walking out they were hanging by their sides. Plus it was probably connected to when guys are young and they hold their penises. I added that if the guys just hooked their thumbs in their pockets its usually body language to stare at my crotch. The arm and hand end up being an arrow that draws the eye along.

The other question was the twin fantasy when we saw two female twins. I told her I had no clue on that. I didn't have the usual man's fantasy of a threesome. I like to focus on the person I'm with. If I'm choose to be with someone I want to give them all my attention. I don't see the reason to just give part of it if I care about them.

I got out of her place last night at 2 and I had to be at work this morning. So my ass is dragging a bit today, but I'll grab a nap before I meet the singles tonight for game night. I have free tickets to the Funny Bone comedy club, but Kitcat has her son tonight. So far none of the singles have gotten on board with it.

My latest freak that isn't joining the group is some lady who throughout her profile had the hot ass man that she was doing all things with. From dinner to sex. She didn't see a problem with it. Oh well our loss.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Really?! About guys and their hands in their pockets?! Lol. I never thought about it that way, but, I do see your point.

But I always keep my hands in my pockets too. If I'm not carrying something in my hands, then I keep them in my pockets because I can't just have them hanging idly. I don't really know why I do it. But also, I've never really thought much about it. :o(

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