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Last night Kitcat invited me down to the beach with her son, a friend, and her kids. It was a nice time and perfect weather. The temperature was just right as was the light breeze and empty beach. The kids were cute playing together, especially since the new kids had never been to the beach before. So it was a nice relaxing time.

Then it was off to another of Kitcat's friend's homes for a BBQ. I know she has been close to this guy friend for years and I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got there. A frat party wasn't it. When we pulled up I saw all these guys smoking on the garage and playing beer pong. Okay. It was a bit surreal for me since most of the people there were in their 20's. Kitcat's friend I think is around 30. Nice guy, but a prime example of guys. He looks like a party guy who will screw any woman he can get his hands on. The rest of the lot was just younger versions of him.

I asked Kitcat afterwards how many people she knew there and she informed that it was just her friend. I was concerned since our friends do say a lot about ourselves and I had just experienced diametric opposites in the same night with Kitcat. I know we have friends for different aspects of our lives so I'll see what else is revealed as time goes by. I have to admit some of the shine was removed from the relationship last night.

The funny thing with Kitcat and me is that she has manly qualities and I have female. One of the things I like about her is she is direct like a guy. She found out one of my female qualities last night. I came back from the bathroom to find Kitcat, her friend, and another guy playing who would you do with the girls at the BBQ. She asked me. I told her the blond because she seemed the nicer of people. Kitcat informed me that wasn't the criteria they were using. I told her I need more than a pretty face. At times I wish I didn't, but I know I need some kind of connection to have sex with a woman no matter how pretty she is.

Tonight is my patient appreciation dance. It's a smaller crowd than last year, but hopefully everyone will have a fun time.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

Who would you do??? What are these people, twelve?


Haha Candice...that's the exact same thought I had!


Happy to hear I'm not the only one.


Hey there, Mike. Wish I'd joined sooner, but it's never too late to find a great blog. Sounds very interesting. I agree that a frat party like party is for the frats and sororities. Time to grow up and move on when you hit the 30's+.
Thanks for being my 99th follower too! (I referred to you in my post as the "last one" (i.e., last before 100), the "cute and single one who gave me faith." How's that coming from a stranger?!


That would have bugged me too. Have you met any of her other friends? Maybe that is just "the wierd, messed up friend" that we all have one of!


Danielle - I met one of her friends in the building. They are both from Chicago and enjoy reminiscing about it. Nice guy. Time will tell on everything.

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