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Well I'm one proud poppa today. Eric informed me last night that he is Student of the Month at his school. I was very happy. It was interesting since Kitcat and I were talking about our schooling the other day. I was a solid "B" student in school. It's a bit hard, but I'll admit I'm an intelligent person. I didn't know it then, but I rarely studied and got my "B". If I pushed myself I probably could have gotten "A's", but my childhood was a bit like Lord of the Flies. My Mom rarely enforced good study habits and when she did I rebelled against them since it only happened once in a blue moon. Chiropractic college was where I really had to start developing good study habits to pass anything. It was a bit of a surprise to have to learn the skill in my 20's. However I seem to be always behind the curve in learning stuff.

I'm not quite sure where all the new patients went at work. Usually at this time of year it gets busier with people getting more active with the warm weather. However this month, the number of new patients is way down. Not good when I'm trying to grow the business. Plus pay taxes and a car repair.

Kitcat and I talked a little less than normal yesterday. She was very upset since the representative of her business landlord caused her to shut her business down after 3 years. It's a long story, but mostly involves that her name was not on the lease her ex was and the representative was making it a problem due to an altercation they had last year. Kitcat found out last night the landlord didn't know anything about this and would have worked with her to fix the problem. However the damage is already done since she shut everything down and moved clients other places. I felt bad for her. I know from past business dealing it only takes one person to make a complete cluster fuck out of something.

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Student of the Month..that's awesome!

Seeing as how my daughter attends a predominantly Asian school, I'd be happy if she brought home Student of the (Anything). I hate to throw around stereotypes but I will and I think her school needs an "Asian Student of the Month" award and a "Non-Asian, Significantly Less Smart and Diligent Student of the Month". My kid might have a shot at that one. Maybe.


Very impressive indeed!

Sorry to hear that Kit Kat's having a tricky time - hope things get better soon.

There's a little something for you over at my blog (ooh-err, that sounds a bit dodgy but it isn't!).


Have a lovely weekend.



Hi there, new follower here. I found you through Tuppence. Just for some clarity, you're a single man who's going sane?! Nice to know there's one out there.
Congratulations on your child's grades.

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