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Role Reversal

Now that I'm toothbrush worthy, I wonder what else is on the horizon for me and Kitcat. I truly have no idea how relationships work and grow. When I was married I truly just fumbled my way through it just trying to keep my ex happy which was a huge pit of despair let me tell you. My parents divorced when I was 18 months and never remarried. My brother is on his 3rd marriage and I have to admit I never thought this last one would last this long. So who am I to say. I never try to move fast in a relationship, but things just seem to happen. I'm not quite sure if I like that or not. When I was younger "things just happening" was a great way not to take responsibility for things. Without tooting my own horn I know I'm the "nice guy" and my picture is probably in the dictionary under that term. I know Kitcat likes me and I think that these happening are her way of letting me know that. Plus I think not to lose me.

I have to admit I like it. To have someone think you're special and have actions to follow it up say a lot. I like independent assertive women. The problem that I've found is that most of them don't want to give up their lifestyles while still wanting a relationship. I feel the sexes have been reversed. Me the guy is looking for a relationship and the women are just wanting a good time. The good thing is that I hear it from other guys too cause this new way really screws with my reality of the world.

I slept in my bed last night after a many day hiatus. I have to admit I awoke this morning with a stiff back. Women will always point out that my bed is too hard, but I like it. However I think too many days in a row got me use to Kitcat's bed.

I was hoping to bring my car in for repairs today. I don't like doing this. I'm still traumatized from when I brought my old car in years ago and walked out with a huge bill when all was said in done. The people I have work on my car nowadays I trust, but that old fear is still there.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

We need more men like you in Miami! I'm happy to hear that you've found someone strong and assertive who treats you special. I hope she never stops making you feel good.


Loving the comment before this one. LOL.

I'm one of 'those' women. Although I'm not dating and not actively seeking a man, if I did happen to fall over one then I would want to retain my total independent lifestyle whilst having a man as a side dish.


Letting things just happen is a good way to do things. We aren't in total control anyway!

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