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The One that Almost Got Away

Here's something from the blooper reel from Ratatouille night. I mention it since I can't remember something like this happening before. Opening condom wrappers is like opening chip bags, not that much of a problem. I tell you I opened it this time and thing went flying. I remember just staring at the empty wrapper like where the hell did it go. It was only on the other side of the bed, but at the moment it was pretty freaking funny.

I did find out 2 things about Kitcat, well more than that, but I'm only sharing 2. One thing is that while Kitcat is a intelligent talker, her text are for shit. They are littered with misspellings which is big turn off for me. However they way she talks I know she's intelligent. She had let slip that she had a learning disability and Kitcat admitted that she had dyslexia. I know when we were kids that was a stoning offense, but nowadays its no big thing. At least it was a mystery solved.

The other thing is that besides L, Kitcat is the first woman I know that is very comfortable with her body. Walking around and hanging out naked was not a problem. I tell you it was nice and refreshing.

Well I tell you I closed the books on a crap month. With taxes and car repairs looming, Mike is not a happy camper. This months seems to be starting good, but we'll see. I was happy to get the key today for next door. I was doubly happy to open the door and find a pile of insurance checks too.

I tell you I'm drawing a blank for my date with Kitcat tomorrow night. She gets out of work after 7 and it cools off pretty fast around here when the sun goes down. It'll be better once summer gets here. I would like to do something interactive, but by that time most indoor stuff is closing up. Movies and dinner are low on my list of things to do.

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