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I'm getting tired of my anxiety filled days. Having been off medication since September it's become a daily thing. While I was medicated this wasn't a problem and I didn't even know it. Now that I'm on my own its a workout. I'm not anxiety ridden all day, but I have to work at it to keep my serenity. I have to admit I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop even when things are going good. I'm the best person at taking away my own happiness. However since I know I can talk myself in off the ledge I can rid myself of this problem. The problem is just getting to point that I'm sick and tired of it and want to do something about it. Just being a problem isn't enough. Weird I know. However today the gauntlet has been thrown. What changed? Well before leaving the office last night, I had a bunch of things happen like dominoes, but they were all good things. However by the end I was anxious as hell most likely because I feel the loss of control like on a roller coaster. I was angry cause good stuff was happening and I was being negative about it. I know this will prevent it from happening again if I keep putting a negative connotation to these events and I work to hard to keep stopping myself.

The Photographer invited me to the Funny Bone last night. I hadn't planned on going since Kitcat couldn't make it, but since she had done all the work why not. It was a very interesting show. The MC had cerebral palsy and not lightly. However he was hilarious and had a quick wit. The second guy was okay and the headliner was good. They taped the show for the headliner and MC for their show coming on TV.

I finally broke down and made a Facebook page for my business. If you want daily health care tips on sleeping, stress, etc. Take a look.

Well this week is turning out to almost be descent. Now I'm getting ready for my weekly beach walk with L then Kitcat invited me over for sloppy joes with her son. I feel bad for her. That time in your life when you separate and divorce can be like you keep getting hit and never see a break. I remember it well and not to fondly.

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I share your worries and anxieties, buddy. As a disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70 with PTSD, and depression, the VA has issued a few meds that help me. They say that my body does not 'make enough chemicals/ hormones' to make me an average guy.
With being a biblical Christian-- with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit does certainly help keep me straight and calm, but it's a struggle that will only stop when we get to heaven, IMHO. The more you dig deep into God's Word, the Bible, the better off you will be-- on this earth.
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Tom S
Jesus is Lord, and Heaven in my Home.


Mike, have you had any training on cognitive techniques to help with anxiety? You probably have...a refresher would be good and my guess is your confidence is managing the anxious thoughts would increase ten fold.


We are experts at being our own worst enemies. You've got alot of awareness of it; that's a great start. Sloppy joes for dinner, even better.
Keep faith,


Why did you go off medication. I get anxiety too and have tried to get off the meds, but I can tell immediatly. I take the lowest dosage possible, and it works for me. Get back on them!


Blue - yes. Mostly for my low grade depression years ago.

Danielle - Why did I go off? Most of it money, but I didn't see the need for it anymore. While I had almost no side effects from my medication. When I got off I felt like I found a part of me that was missing. A playful part that I hadn't been able to access for the last 5 years. However what came with this was the anxiety that the medication had helped with even though that wasn't my reason for taking it. At the time it had been for low level depression. For me it's like dating. I can't work on it unless I'm experiencing it. I start dating to push me in areas that I can't work on by myself. Now that I experience the anxiety I can work on getting better on it. The medication allowed me to work on many things over the years. Now I can focus on this.

If I started to break down I would go back on them. However for now I have to kick my ass in gear to work on this. The first step is getting fed up with it like I was yesterday. Today I'm doing a lot better with it since I'm working on getting better instead of just coasting.

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