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Easter dinner with Kitcat and sons went well. One of her neighbors was there also so it was a fun ole time. Her older son and fiancee showed up late, but everyone was very pleasant. Kitcat is a good cook and everything was delicious. Afterwards after everyone had left and her son went to bed it was nice to sit on the couch together, watch some TV, and relax. Kitcat was worn out from all the festivities of the day so I rubbed her shoulders for her. When I was finished and she laid back against me she wasn't long for this world. After a few minutes I could detect the minute muscle twinges of someone asleep. I didn't wake her until the show was over. I was enjoying holding her and since she was sound asleep I knew she was comfortable.

No toothbrush, but food stuff is staying there. Kitcat wanted me to keep my soy milk over her place so I'd have something to drink when I came over. The relationship is progressing just nicely for me.

German girl was laughing her ass off when I told her that Kitcat and I had sex. She is positive that I have some strange power over women. It doesn't feel like it on my end, but hey I've been wrong before.

The office week is starting off okay, but the end looks really light. Like Kitcat and I were talking today. Admin stuff I'm great at, but marketing is my weak spot. Well the correct thing is that sales is my weakness. I'm good at getting myself out there, but the full sale is my problem. I'm following up with the people I talked to last week and creating this week's list. I also need to start practicing for the two presentations I have this month. Happily they are both on stress management so I can just focus on the one topic. My patient appreciation dance is getting mild attendance. Most people who usually go, can't do it this time due to other engagements. I always need a certain amount of people there to make the room look full, but mostly its another way to get in contact with patients.

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I'm glad you had a nice Easter. Meeting the kids can always be an anxiety attack....

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