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Sane Friends

Don't Touch my Wookie

Do you know why I like Kitcat? Well I'll tell you. I went over to her place late last night after she had been napping from her camping trip. Now the funny thing is when I get there I have to call her to wake up to let me in. Yes this has happened more than once. Seeing how tired she was, I adjusted her first so if she conked back out she would at least feel better. After talking, sex, and dinner we found ourselves back on the couch. Only this time I was the one conking out. So I asked if she minded me going to bed. Kitcat said we didn't have to go to bed at the same time. Yeah its the little things for me.

My life lesson for today is that never get a haircut following a massage. MT1 will be the nickname for the new massage therapist in the office since she'll be around for a while hopefully. Anyway I had her give me a massage today to see if she was any good. I tell you getting a massage first thing in the office makes it hard to put your nose to the grindstone with work. While I was very relaxed, I was also covered in massage oil. Let me tell you cut hair likes to stick to oil. I've learned how to get rid of all the hair that is usually still on me. However today none of that is working and I'm feeling like a wookie as I keep wiping something and a bunch of cut hair is there.

Anyway now I have to clean out my extra room for the massage therapist. Not quite sure where I'm going to store all the stuff I have in there in the office. I might be making more trips to the storage unit than I would like.
I was pissed today that my license renewal seminar was cancelled and all the other ones in the state have already passed. So the next closest is Philadelphia which I'll probably be going to in June. I was happier with the one hour drive instead of 5.
The office phone is starting to be active again which is nice. I was talking to a friend this morning and said I know there is a lesson here for me somewhere. Since when I get stuck like this, I know its a strong nudge to get moving. Most likely its getting out of my comfort zone. So tomorrow I'll be calling the DCs a little away from me to talk to them.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm beginning to think you live the life the rest of us (or me, at least) only dream of. Just don't do the ASL thing with Kitcat.


I have found that anything after a massage, with the exception of sleep, is not a good idea. My brain cells don't work after a massage and I can't speak.


It sounds like things with Kitcat are moving along nicely. It is the little things in a relationship that make the difference.

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