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Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?

Well Kitcat and I rolled pass 3 weeks together yesterday. Since most of you know I over think things I'll share this with you. Not that I'm making a big thing about it, I was wondering when are we a relationship. I found these statistics at Top Dating Tips.

When does a date become a relationship ?

1. 1 week 3%
2. 1 month 17%
3. 2 months 20%
4. 6 months 13%
5. Once we have had sex 13%
6. Once I have met the parents 8%
7. Once we have been on vacation 0%
8. Once we have moved in together 0%
9. When he/she says I love you 25%

Seeing these results, I feel better not really having a definition or exact point. For me I would say its when we have sex and have decided to keep seeing each other exclusively. I'm not in high school so I don't make a big thing about it. I will do something for a one month point. Asp was the first one to have it be a mention worthy event. Mostly that came from Saturn girl asking her if we were bf & gf. I believe that was somewhere after a month. How do you define it?

I have to admit Kitcat is the first women to go onto my dating chart before we've broken up. I didn't realize it until I left blank who broke it up. However I have to admit its a good thing to do while the relationship is happening since I'm writing down the good and bad things about her. So far she has only two items marked red (bad) against a bunch of green (good)stuff. The two bad items being her health which is weirdly a positive. Kitcat had gastric bypass surgery years ago and it has caused some health problems. One being her diabetes and the other some absorption problems. However to counter act all of that she eats very healthy, is very active, and exercises regularly. I know I need to ask her about your ab work out. The other is that she is still separated. I told myself I wouldn't go out with a separated woman, but its been 3 years and the hold up is her ex signing the papers. Something I remember fondly with my ex.

Happy to say that I'll get together with her later tonight after she finishes studying and some work related stuff.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

One persons relationship measuring stick cant be measured by another. (Sounds lie a fortune cookie assvice doesn't it?

Sweets and I first started communicating w each other in March 2008. 5 months later (Aug) we were engaged. 2 months after *that* we were married.

My ex and I started dating the end of July and were married in Oct 1988. Whew. Scary that it lasted 19 years.

Do be so held up by dates. Let your gut lead the way--don't confuse gut with "below the belt" LOL


Relationships can not and should not be measured in time or number of dates. Each one is different. Your heart will know the answer.

As for this chart, I sure hope it is something you hide well. I would think any woman that finds it is going to have an issue with being compared to every past relationship you have been in. It could backfire in a major way.. Good luck.


While this is a good guide, it's not Gospel truth. Don't be "pressured" that you have to be in a relationship in a specific amount of time. Just go ahead and go with the flow!

Use these dating tips and enjoy dating!

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