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Sane Friends

Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

I'm starting to get anxious around the house. Too much activity is happening which means change and that usually will make me anxious when I'm not in control of it. I have to admit the outside of the place is looking nice. I could just move and save myself some of this headache, but since I know I'll be doubling what I pay now, I'd rather push it off until it comes nearer to the end.

I hate it when my first patient is a no show. He called yesterday to reschedule to this morning. It usually shifts me into a negative space where I don't need to be when dealing with patients. The other half of the equation was that my business landlord stopped by to pick up the key for the office next door. He was asking about business and since this no show had just happened it added to a growing bad mood. Now I'm just trying to let it go.

Tonight I'm going to meet Kitcat at her place down by the oceanfront. I had suggested trying a new Thai restaurant I had heard good things about or a dinner and movie at my place. She countered with her place since the weather is supposed to be nice tonight so we can walk on the boardwalk.

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