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A New Home

I forgot to mention my travel toothbrush now has a new home. When I walked in Kitcat's bathroom yesterday morning I found that my toothbrush had been taken from its case and place in her holder. I have to admit this is a first for me. I've had condoms stay at a woman's house, but nothing else. So this is a big thing for me. It reminds me of when my ex and I were first dating and she made the heart with our initials in it. Never had it happen before and it touched me. So I'm really liking the toothbrush residence.

I was suppose to see Crazy Heart with the singles last night. However I really wasn't in the mood for a heavy movie. So I went cause I had people coming, but no one ever showed up. So I voted with my feet and left to go home. On the way there I realized that I'm not going to be seeing Kitcat till next week since she gets her son back tonight. So when we were talking on the phone I told her I would like to see her. Last night made it 5 out of the last 6 nights at her place. I'm starting to feel like a tourist at my place.

This morning was the first of my Stress Management presentations that I'm doing. I was happy to see it go over well. The one thing I noticed and it could just be totally me, but I think I'm starting to relax and talk slower. I'll need to ask Kitcat what she thinks. Actually she hasn't said anything about this which is surprising. Since someone always says something about the rate of my speech.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

A toothbrush at her house is serious! That is a huge step!


You seem to move rather quickly with your relationships. 3 weeks in and your toothbrush already has a home? hmmmm.

No one turned up for your singles meetup? How many in your group? I have little confidence in my own new singles group. Its off to a slow start and no one is really RSPVing to stuff. I have a movie night coming up too.


Danielle - I know. It just hit me.

Sooz - I would like to go on record that I don't try to go fast. However it does seem to happen that way.


And I would argue that you 'allow' it to happen that way.

Just an observation.

PS Im alarmed at how many meetup members you have to how many are turning up. This means if I have 47 members and Im getting an average of 6-8 to each meetup thats good!

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