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The Strange Sounds of Survival

I'm getting tired of the hum of activity around the house 7 days a week. Don't these guys every take a break? Monday through Friday I'm use to since I'm not around much and it is the work week. I'm starting to get use to Saturday afternoons with workers moving around the property. I tell you it could be robbers for all I know with so many different faces. Anyway today I'm having some lunch and watching some Coupling episodes when I hear the rumble of a large vehicle. Since I'm way off the beaten path I know it's for the house, but it's Sunday. I look out the window and one guy with a cherry picker truck is here to trim some of the trees. I thought this was a multiple person job and doesn't he know its Sunday?

Just like I have a hard time sleeping in new places cause new sounds cause me to wake up. The same goes for new sounds around my place. Unknown sounds cause me to get on edge. When I was very young my parents would mostly wait for me to be in bed before they argued the night away. For a short period of time my Mom would just come home upset and start to beat me. Listening for sounds has become a survival skill. Towards the end of our marriage my ex reinforced this. She would be upset and unable to sleep and would get more enraged that I would sleep. So she would pop on in with a fury and shine a flashlight in my face, yell, or drop pieces of paper on me in which hateful words were written. Holy shit you should have seen her if I locked the door.

So I've headed out to Starbucks to get away from it all and get some work done. I can usually talk myself in from the edge with this kind of stuff. Its always harder with women due to my past. However sometimes its just easier to move myself.

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