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Sane Friends

The Show That Went On

I went over Kitcat's last night after my beach walk with L. She was sad since she had closed up her business yesterday as she segways into a new profession. From what I've seen she was good at the diet industry and I know she wished her divorce hadn't affected her business. I know from first hand experience it does a number on it. I want to pick her brain on marketing since I can see she is very good at it. When she wanted to go to Europe she made it happen with a lot of deals. Now she is doing the same to go a few places in the states.

Last night was a first for us. Sex in an actual bed. Usually we've been tearing into each other in the living room with clothes flying. Her cats haven't been scarred yet. I'm not quite sure if the occupants of the hotel across the street watched, although I hear they can put on a good show. The best thing was being able to relax next to each other afterwards and talk. Its usually at that moment when we're all the most vulnerable. I could see I was feeling this missing from our relationship. Kitcat and I seem to be going down a different path than I usually go. Nothing wrong with it, but things that I come to look forward to were missing and that was one of them. The other was falling asleep next to each other.

Kitcat's window opens up onto the strip at the oceanfront. While pretty to look at its noisy as hell. We fell asleep with them open and I was awoken frequently from drunks yelling, cars revving, etc. However like I told her this morning it was worth it. At least the noise probably blocked us out too. One thing that I do know with Kitcat is that she does like me.

L found me a place to live that will open in a few months. It's a lot closer than OVDC's place. So I'll ask Tone what her schedule is when I see her in 2. This place would be about $200 more a month than I'm paying now, but it would be a nice place. So I'll see.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

What do you mean, she doesn't like you? Did I read that wrong?


I was wondering the same thing as Danielle, she doesn't like you?


Whoops! Major mistake their. All fixed now ladies.


I don't visit for a week and look at all the action that takes place around here! Wow! I had no idea you were in an exclusive relationship.

You sound happy and I'm happy for you.


Good luck with your new place ! Moving sucks, but I hope you have less stripper drama.

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