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Taste of Heritage

Today was the Taste of India event with my singles group. The turn out for my group was small since many of my members went with another eating out group. So we combined to walk around. Secret Agent man is in both groups and I've known him for years. He was trying to get me to joining their group. His jaw dropped when I told him I really didn't care that much for food. "You're shitting me," was his response. Eating out and drinking events rarely happen on my watch because of that. I always choose doing something besides eating events.

Anyway the food was good as was the entertainment. The colorful costumes were very attractive and I'm shocked at the difference to most European colors which are more bland. While I enjoyed myself, the event made me sad. I'm Italian and Filipino, but have no heritage. At some point my Mom made the decision to sterilize everything. It started with my older brother and continued down to me. They had a bit more than me growing up in Brooklyn neighborhoods that were culture controlled. For me I never met another Filipino person until I was in chiropractic college. I always had contact with the Italian side of the family, but it was never strong.

Seeing everyone proud of their heritage today and when I talk to Kitcat about all her family events I feel sad at what I missed out on. When I was growing up it was fun not to be dragged to all the family events that my friends dreaded going to. However as an adult I see I missed out on some important things of feeling apart of something bigger than feeling apart from.

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I'm glad you had a good time. You should do it more often. It's never to late to get connected with your roots!

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