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Happy Easter to one all. Without Eric around this holiday becomes just another day which is what I explained to Kitcat last night when she asked me what I was doing. So she invited me over to have Easter dinner with her sons. I told her I'd be happy to come, but I thought it would be too soon for her 9 year old son. She said I was her friend today and as long as we weren't physical their would be no problem. Kitcat said no one should be alone on a holiday. The very cute thing was that her son stated the same thing this morning when she asked if it was okay for a friend to come over that was going to be alone on the holiday. I was very touched.

Game night went well with the singles last night as always. It was a smaller crowd so it was more manageable. I have to admit it is becoming the usual suspects. It would be nice to get some new blood attending which always shakes it up for everyone.

With last month being a slow month in the office and money being tight, I'm starting to become anxious. I'm trying to allow enough fear in for the extra boost to work on correcting everything, but not too much that it paralyzes me. I've never been very good at the regulation. It's usually panic or denial which really doesn't help me at all. As is the norm with most things. The more you practice it the better it gets so here I go again.

I got an email from a patient yesterday asking me if I would forgo his copay so he could come back into the office. This is always a bad area to be in since all insurance companies have to sign legal agreements no to do this. You can get around this with hardship letters, but I usually avoid them like the plague. I have done so with a few of my Medicare patients over the years since I knew they were on fixed incomes and the copays would do them in. What usually makes me decide is that their quality of life was so poor without treatment. As a person I couldn't just sit there and not help someone be able to walk or move around.

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