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Sane Friends

Was it like the risotto?

I know before I talk about anything else you want to know how the date and dinner went. It went very well. There was almost a snafu when Kitcat texted me asking if there was any onion or garlic powder in the foot. I told her that it was cut up fresh ingredients and had visions of running the grocery store down the street to redo it all. However she was good with it all and incident avoided.

Now I'm a slow eater and it's one of the many things that keep me thin. However Kitcat is a slower eater than I am. It comes from her own weight loss and what she teaches her clients. Conversation as always flowed and was very funny. Kitcat wanted to help with the dishes, but I'm so use to doing it by myself there wasn't really anything to do. Afterwards I showed her the place and then we plopped on the couch to talk which is probably one of a handful of times that I've been on it. I've mentioned before that Kitcat is a chatty Cathy and I mentioned it to her which caused her to laugh since she knows. My usual remedy for that is that I'll just kiss her which does the trick. This time I mentioned how nice it was not to be standing in the cold or the rain and kissing which has been our usual. And yes a fun time was had by all. I even have the mark on my neck to prove it which is really strange cause it takes a Mack truck to bruise me. Oh well, high collars for a few days.

So today I need freaking toothpicks to keep my eyes open. I slept good last night, but after 2 nights of a dripping roof keeping me awake, I felt it. I would have killed to sleep some more. I was up almost 3 hours before I started feeling awake which worked out sort of. Most everyone rescheduled their morning appointments which freed it up. The highlight of my morning was the mailman stating he made a mistake a slid my mail into the office slot next door. The problem is that its a empty office. So I had to call my landlord to open it for me. They are mailing the key since they couldn't find it on site. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.

Kitcat has her son part of this weekend due to the holiday. So I'll be seeing her Friday evening. Not quite sure what we'll be doing since she works till 7. When I fully shake these cobwebs from my brain I'll come up with something.

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