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Moving On

I think this was the first day ever at work that I was happy it was slow. After yesterday's fiasco at work I needed to catch up with stuff. What I did find out later in the day was that I hadn't forgotten to schedule my patients they had disappeared somehow. While I was happy to have a bunch of new patients want to come in the office. I was surprised and stressed every time another one of my patients would show up for an appointment that wasn't on Outlook. When I thought about it they were right where they should be, but their appointment with me was gone. They were okay with the wait, but I really stressed about the screw up.

Invictus with the singles last night was a very good movie and worth the $1 admission. It was a low turnout, but everyone had fun. Next week we plan on seeing Blind Side.

I met with my Mom's hospice social worker today. Nice, pleasant lady. I know she's doing her job, but matching tone is important when creating relationships. She was a little too cheery for me. The talkative part goes with the position. My Mom is still stable, but I did find out that the stop and start breathing is one of the indicators that the end is coming. There is a list of stuff to go with it so who knows when.

I never heard back from the woman I was suppose to have a date with tonight. Having done enough dating I know anywhere along the line something can happen and you never hear from her again. I thought that was what happened this time, but she shot me an email saying that she was still packing for the movers and couldn't do this week. She was sorry and could we do it next week. So at least she's communicating which is big with me. I hear a lot of people want it, but few actually provide it.

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I am sorry to hear about your mom. I hope things improve soon.

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