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Fierysaggirl had many date questions for me that I figured I would just answer here since I know I get overlapping questions from everyone. Plus with a good night's sleep it lets me look at it in a better light.

I was pretty relaxed with seeing Kitcat since I didn't start the whole process. I hadn't even looked at her profile since the picture was an old one and I don' open those. We had made our date earlier in the week on Tuesday. Kitcat had wanted to know if I wanted to talk on the phone, but in my mind I didn't see the reason. Before a date, the talking is just for setting the date up. I've done enough dating through my life to know that nothing matters until you meet the person. You might pick out red flags, but nothing positive is going to come out of it. Some people may push for more than the coffee date, but it lets me know everything I need to know. Is there chemistry? Are you looking just for a free meal? Hey a single girl's got to eat is a statement I've heard enough times.

Kitcat asked if we could do random questions until we met and I was like sure. They turned out to be somewhat psychological, but I didn't mind. Like she said, agreeing to do them showed a lot.

My only apprehension with meeting Kitcat was her eyes. She has dark eyes and in some of her pictures it makes her look like she has rat's eye which I'm not a fan off. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't. Too avoid being overbearing or too forward I always shake a woman's hand now at a first meeting. I've talked to enough women to feel safer with that then a hug. I knew when I shook her hand she would have went for the hug, but no loss. We ordered our drinks. Even though she asked me out I paid for the drinks. She did have her wallet out, but I told her I had it. I have a penis and I do certain things. She did thank me which I greatly appreciated. You'd be surprised how many times I don't hear it.

We talked and joked for 4 hours which went by in a blink. I was wondering why my butt was hurting. Those Starbucks chairs can be unforgiving. She was married 17 years and I can tell she's still getting her dating legs back. We did make ambiguous plans to go to Williamsburg. Touching was light on my part, just a light touch on her hand or arm when we were laughing. She grabbed my hand and one point to say sorry that my son was so far away.

I broke my usual rule of leaving on a high note and letting the date end at coffee. However we both love sushi and I was dying for some and was hungry. So I suggesting it and she agreed. I walked her out to her jeep. I held and opened doors for her, but didn't hold her hand. She did accidentally fart on the walk when she was laughing so hard. I wouldn't have noticed if she didn't apologize.

She followed me to the restaurant. We had a very nice dinner and got to try out each other's favorite rolls. I don't remember if I asked or said I wanted to get together again. I remember asking her schedule so we could plan. I knew she had her son next weekend so that was out. Monday's don't work for me. So I could have waited another week and half or ask her to join me and the singles at the movies. Now I'm not a big movie dater early on. It's a waste, but I didn't want to go that long without seeing her. She agreed. She didn't offer to pay for dinner, but she did make sure to tell me thank you which again I really appreciated.

I held her chair for her and held her hand on the way out of the restaurant. After she put her stuff in her jeep I kissed her. She wanted another or a longer kiss, but I hugged her instead and then we kissed again. I know myself I need to warm up with a person. If I start hot and heavy with a person I usually know I'm not in the relationship state of mind. I told her I would call her tomorrow (Sunday) and then I waited till she left then drove home.

I'm not head over heels with her, but I do like her. She doesn't have any quality sticking out that I usually want when I date someone. However I do like her personality and how she handles herself. As weird as it may seem she almost feels like a female version of myself. I'm a normal person with some geek qualities. I'm well read, active, and know enough dime store psychology. So it was interesting and fun to see that in a woman.

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It sounds like you had a good time- and even she isn't for you, it can be nice just to get out there- I know it has been for me!

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