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I was going to pick up $10 lawn tickets yesterday, but I found out it wasn't they just yesterdays special. Once a season they have a $10 lawn ticket day for all the concerts. While I enjoy sitting at a concert I could care less if I never saw another one. However I always try to get tickets for one show for me and someone else, whoever that might be. I just misheard yesterday and it was something they were doing for the one concert. So I put my money and energies into doing something else. The amphitheater is clear across the city from my office and a pain to get to if there is traffic. Due to patients I was in the beginnings of rush hour traffic and it wasn't pretty.

So I got home early on a beautiful afternoon with the temps just about 70. I had gotten the bike out of storage and had it in the garage for just such an occasion. For all the years I've lived where I do there are a few streets I haven't gone down, mostly because they are dead ends and didn't feel like doing the 3 point turn. However with a bike it was a lot easier and less conspicuous to sit there and look at the water. Unknown to most, Virginia Beach is a marsh land with a city built on top of it. So I have coves all around where I live. I can see some of it from the second story window, but on these streets you really get to see them and it's really beautiful. The weird thing is there is never a small house next to it. They're all huge places. I don't do the upkeep for my place, but it's huge. I just clean the rooms that I use and that's good enough for me. I hear my friends saying they can't do stuff because they're cleaning something. It's like that old saying, "you don't possess your possessions, they possess you."

Well today has become a slow day in the office. Half of my appointments rescheduled which is becoming so common place it's not funny anymore. I wasn't planning on working next Saturday, but I now have a bunch of people coming in.

Today is my date with Kitcat. I have no expectations which is good. The big excitement is to meet a sci fi chick. I let you know how it goes.

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