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Clear Day

I see my world has stopped today. Thursday's is usually a slow day in the office and I usually fill the day up with meetings. However all my appointments for the day have cancelled or rescheduled. This reminds me of when I was getting divorced and some days the emotional stress was so high that I would see big changes in the schedule. So I'll use the time to catch up since so far this is the first day without any work for my Mom to do.

I'm experiencing the "emotional bends" today. I always acutely feel when all the stress stops. It's been rough over the last few days and to have it removed today has left a vacuum inside of me. I'm not good with these since my natural instinct is to do something stupid. I know what to do that healthy and I've been doing so all day, but the insanity still screams. What came up in my mind when dealing with this was a funny story.

Twenty years ago, holy fuck I'm getting old when I can say that and still not be under 20. Anyway I was managing an electronics store in a mall. One day a blind man came in looking for some phone help. This was in the days of landlines and phone cords. If you have no idea what I'm talking about ask your grandparents. Anyhow he wanted something to help with his cord not getting in the way when he was talking on it. We had a swivel piece to help with that. So I asked the stupid question of what color did he want. He had no idea. Even being color blind I didn't want to give him some weird color to clash with whatever he had. So I offered him a clear one. Let me tell you, trying to explain to a blind person what clear is is fucking impossible. I know right now you're trying it. It's like telling someone they can't touch their elbow with their tongue. All the definitions are sight oriented. After I don't know how long of my bumbling of words he decided to take it on my word. He never came back so I guess it worked. It's possible being blind he got lost in the mall and never made it home again or just could never find our store again. Either way I was good.

Tonight it's off to the Funny Bone with the singles. We have a full boat which will be nice. I know I could use the laughs.

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The funny bone is always good for a few laughs. Have a great time.

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