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I was very happy to sleep in today especially with it being on of my Saturdays off. With all the stress of the week, I've been waking up and hour or two early a morning which really sucked. I can always tell when I'm really stressed. I get this small, raw spot on my cheek bones. It'll start on my right then if I'm stressed long enough my left side will get it. I was happy to see them disappearing today.

Eric was happy to announce his report card grades to me last night since most of them were A's except for B's in gym, Spanish, and I forget the last one. He was very happy which made me happy that he was proud of his accomplishment. He did inform me that his grandfather was back in the hospital. Since I knew he's been in there a lot I texted my ex with the suggestion of getting him hospice care also since I knew he was at the end stages of Parkinson's. She called to find out how my Mom was doing and to ask about hospice. She told me to call at 4 am if I needed to. I tell you I got off that phone call so anxious. It's an old reflexive reaction. 16 years with my ex I know she does nothing without an ulterior motive. When here dad passes out of the picture she'll have no one to take care of her. Guess who is the only person in the picture for that spot? Yeah that would be me and no freaking way do I want it. Put my nuts in a blender please. The only good thing is that hopefully she'll be nicer for a while and I can use it to my advantage with Eric visits. I know it won't work since she'll still use her dad being sick card, but I can hope.

Speaking of hospice. It seems to be doing my Mom some good. She looked the best that I've seen her in awhile. She was pretty responsive today although it was all non-verbal.

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I'm proud of Eric too. Those grades are awesome! :o)

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