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Sane Friends

The Starbucks Drip

I awoke this morning to the sound of a fast drip from the roof. Unless I'm being awoken for sex I don't enjoy having my sleep disturbed. Since I couldn't fall asleep I got out of bed to try and find the leak. However the rain had stopped and so did the leak. Since I heard it hitting something I looked all around, but couldn't find it for the life of me. Most of that part of the attic is insulation and I didn't see anything. So I called Tone to tell her about it and she said that the roof is being replaced after Easter.

I tell you with all the changes happening to the house everyone is stopping to look at the place. Some are just walking around the property to look. I should sell tickets. The other odd thing is that we have a garbage dumpster at the moment for all the construction garbage. The problem is that everyone in a 10 mile radius is dumping their garbage in it. I pulled up yesterday to see some guys in the dumpster looking at a lawn mower. Now the mower isn't ours. They looked at me like was I going to get angry. LOL. Hey pal if you want to dumpster dive, have at it. Just don't make a mess.

I met Kitcat for Starbucks and talk for a few hours. She bought me my drink which was nice. We talked and played Lifestories which is a great game to get to know people better. As usual 3 1/2 hours flew by and we had lots of laughs. While we're together everything is on the up and up, but our texts are starting to get a sexy flair to them. So we'll see each other next Tuesday. Not quite sure what to plan. I might cook for her. I don't get a chance to do it that often and I enjoy it. Like I told Kitcat I really enjoy seeing her. Fun and laughs always happen.

I have a question for you all though. How much do you share? Most of my friends are married so their no help. My question is how much dirty laundry do you share with your dates? Do you share to the same levels as your date? Do you admit to cheating, doing drugs, arrests, bankruptcy, etc.? The list can go on. I've learned over the years to share less and less if it's not going to improve the relationship. I'm just curious.

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I am an open book if asked questions. I won't lie. I feel like I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of in my life.

But, I don't volunteer information either, and half of my past no one would guess anyway.


I agree with Senorita. Only disclose what you are ASKED...and what YOU feel is OK to tell. There is plenty of time before the wedding LOL.

PS: I disclosed my Bipolar early. I wanted him to know that before we got tooo serious. And before *I* got major attached to him. He knew I had 4 kids and that I was married, though seperated for a good bit of time, from my online dating profile.


Hi Mike,
I'd take it slow but steady in the information department, don't just volunteer, blurt out every bit of information unless it seems appropriate (i.e. she asks or the topic just naturally comes up in a conversation). Too much info, too fast -- good or bad -- can backfire.


People naturally gravitate towards mystery and suspense... don't simply tell her all your secrets. Give her the pleasure of discovering them on her own.


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