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Where Am I Now?

You know, if you want to get me good. Don't kick me in the nads, just hit me in my finances. I tell you a shot their really causes my gut to clench. As many of you know my Mom was in the hospital last week and I had to pay her room rate while she was out of her facility. I got the bill today and holy shit they misquoted me the daily rate by almost a $100 under. I was complaining that I paid over a months rent for her 4 days. Now it's freaking closer to 2 months.

For some bizarre reason I got a $15 refund check from the phone company. I have no clue why, but after the previous paragraph I'll take what I can get.

Work this week has been a downward slide also. Something is happening out there since people are rescheduling more and more time between appointments or just dropping them flat out. Oye.

Since I need a pick me up. I grabbed this from Cary over at List of the Day. It's a geek guys wet dream.

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:( Poor Mike. Money is tight here, too... Broken car and all. Hope work picks up.

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