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Spring Blogger Cleaning

With my Google Reader all fixed I decided to do some spring cleaning in it. I'm good to subscribe to blogs, but a bit slower to delete them. What happens is one day someones stops writing and I forget about it since I'm reading so many others. Time goes by until I clean up today. The oldest blog on there ended in 2008. It was Bottle Blonde's blog. I think I kept it around for so long in hopes of her coming back. I do the same thing with Steph and Much Ado About Sumethin who never lets me down by coming back every 6 months. Atlas she is the only one who does that. So I cleaned a lot of great blogs out of there. However in doing so I did find that some bloggers were still active just on different named blogs. I refound Ily and Bambi which made me happy.

Online dating has been a little interesting today. One woman emailed me since I had looked at her and didn't email. If I didn't email you there was a reason, but I figured since she contacted me I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Her reply to my email was text written. I tell you I'm no grammar master, but if your emails to me aren't written sentences we have a problem. Anyway it was a one line sentence of abbreviated words. So I wrote her back it wasn't a match. She actually got upset with it since I think she thought I thought she was a tomboy. Oh well.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I had a lot of the same frustrations when I was on Match. Men who couldn't write a complete sentence or spell correctly are a real turnoff. But what I never realized was that they don't like women who travel. I love to travel and have always put that in my profile.
I guess I'll leave it out if I ever decide to signup again and see if it helps me get more hits.

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