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Sane Friends

The Coming of Darth Maul

Well this maybe a first. I have a date Saturday which is not a first. What is a first is that the woman just emailed me asking if I wanted to grab a cup of Starbucks. It was nice and direct which I always like. She was attractive and had a good profile so I said yes. I got bonus points for knowing that her Halloween costume was her dressed as Darth Maul. Any woman that likes Star Wars gets bonus points in my book. She's running a marathon Saturday morning and I'll see her later in the day. Whether she takes a shower or not will decide the shelf life of this relationship. Since she already has points on the books I'll nickname her Kitcat. She's a few years younger than myself, but was married for 17 years so she's a veteran in relationships which is always a good thing. I learn more Saturday.

I tell you I'm doing some soul searching today. I got a 100 signs to place around the neighborhood. My plan is to strategically place 10 around at a time and see how they do. The problem is that I feel like I should be wearing a stocking mask while putting these things out. I see people put these out all the time and I feel bad about it and I have no idea why.

Paying off my Mom's bill has destroyed my cushion in the bank. I tell you I got really comfortable having a buffer zone and now without one I feel very unprotected. It took me a while to build the last one and it's going to take a while again to do so which will suck.

Tonight is Blind Side with the singles at the $1 movie house. I was surprised that Asp offered me some free tickets to the Funny Bone tonight. It was nice of her and I'm glad that we seem to be settling into a friends routine.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I feel the same way if a guy I am dating likes horror movies (which I love). But that is hard to find:)


Really Blue? I'm not a horror film fan,but most women I know are. Hmmm I never really asked the guys. Maybe it's a woman thing.

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