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I Promise You This, That, and the Other Thing

You're showing your age if you know that line. This morning I retook the vice president position of my business group. Looking at my life I now am in charge of or in leadership of every organization that I'm part of. How does a shy guy end up here is beyond me. Older members were happy since they know I'm the iron fist of justice in keeping people in line. Like in my singles group they know I play no favoritism and that I follow the letter of the rules.

I'm lost without my Google Reader. Trying to catch up on my blogs is a pain in the ass 1 at a time. Another day or two of this and I'm going to need to find a replacement which is something I'm going to hate since I'm not big in the change department.

This slow week at work is slowing down even further with many of my patients out of town. Confirmation calls are finding them all over the US which is no fun. I think I need to go next door and buy some oil and start spreading it around the area to beat up some new business.
I'm setting up my next patient appreciation event for next month. I always team up with another business person to help absorb cost, plus do some cross marketing. One thing I realized last night is that I'm back in a age old place that I don't like. I'm the one doing it all. I somehow always pick people that just don't have it to take charge. I though the person I was working with this time would be up to it, but the had no clue what to do. I'm happy this time it was only 2 phone calls and I was done. However I've learned from my coach that if I have to do all the work I get paid for it. So I have to have some fore thought in the future so that I can build it into the overall cost since my time is valuable.

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Congrats on the VP position. Being on top is where it's at. ;)

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