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Sane Friends

Not That Time Yet

Well I finally walked over and talked to an insurance guy I've been wanting to talk with for the last few weeks. Like usual I make a mountain out of a mole hill. However after yesterdays meeting I was in a better frame of mind of just making the contact and not trying to make a deal. It was a nice talk and I left feeling great. I always forget that feeling when I have to do it again which I have to.

It was nice to get out in the great weather yesterday. As most of my friend joke with me on FB with all my beach pictures. You'll know its warm when I break out the tank top. It's so funny that my pics and the topic are infamously funny with everyone.

The great topper of the day was game night. It was a smaller crowd which I enjoy and I have to admit my friend's description is usually pretty accurate. "It's the most fun you'll have with your clothes on."

I have to admit the construction guys are really moving at the house. The deck was going up today. The trees are slowly being cut into smaller chunks. What's going to happen to them is beyond me. It will be interesting to see how it all looks when it's done. The lawn looks so open now that's it's strange. Tone will be down Monday for 3 days to take care of some business.

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