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Whether you know it or not my favorite TV show is Two and a Half Men. It's the only thing I watch from TV that is still current even though it's on the computer. Being a chiropractor and having Allen be one also adds extra humor to the show for me. I've talked in the past that you can tell a lot about a woman when you work on her muscles on the table. The verbiage or sounds are usually how they probably are in bed. This week's episode expanded on that premise beyond the moans with the statement that became my title today. It was freaking hilarious. You can go to CBS.com to watch the episode.

I have to admit I was pretty anxious on my way to the movies last night with Kitcat coming to a singles event. I knew it was me since I knew she would have no problem fitting in. I talk a lot about my problems with people since this is how I deal. When I told my friend last night that I felt my two worlds were colliding I instantly knew what old tape was playing in my head. My parents divorced when I was very young and when any of my big school events happened my Dad sometimes come and I was always worried about my worlds colliding since my Dad doesn't get along with the rest of the family. Once I realized this I was able to relax. It went well. Kitcat liked my group and they treated her well. One of the younger members who has no filtering in her system asked her if she was my girlfriend. Kitcat said we just started seeing each other. It was nice to sit through the movie while holding her hand. Afterwards we talked some in the parking lot and did some kissing to keep warm.

Eric is getting to the age where he needs to have access to either a library or the Internet. My ex isn't having either one happen so Eric has been calling me for help with homework and projects. Yesterday was the beginning of me setting some boundaries with that. I enjoy helping him since it's the only way I can be part of it. However I don't want to do it for him. So when he called up with 20 questions about his homework, I started wondering how much I was doing and how much was he. So what I did was collect a lot of information and just read it to him over the phone. He picked out what he needed and did his assignment. While it didn't help with his investigative abilities he still needed to pick out the information to do his homework.

Speaking to Tone last night, I found out that their plans are to rent the house till the market comes back up. Why someone would want to waste their money renting the place is beyond me, but I see it happen a lot. So I'm starting to see that my timeline here has a shelf life of about a year. At least I can plan accordingly.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Soooo, she didn't talk too much I take it? Or did you kiss her to keep her from talking? ;)


LOL it was to keep her from talking. I have to admit it was one of my longer dinstances to cross while someone was talking. It worked out well.

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