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I have to admit Kitcat is growing on me quickly. She's bubbly and assertive which I like a lot. The other is that if you get the two of us talking we're quickly laughing our collective asses off. I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight although it will be a bit weird with 9 other people with us. I'll meet her outside so I can give her a hug and kiss instead of putting on a floor show for everyone else. The only pet peeve I have with her is texting. I know she has a normal cell phone with out a keypad so I'm not flipping, but I hate the abbreviations beyond "lol."

Tone was at the house last night, but was already in for the night and I had to leave early this morning so I didn't see her. With the movie tonight I'll be home late again and she leaves tomorrow. I have to admit I don't like anyone else in the house even though she isn't a bother. I was happy to see the deck is finished and looks nice.

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Isn't it funny how, when you begin dating someone, that there are these little quirks that you're not sure you will get used to or not? Rascal is a huge texter and I never was. So when we first began dating, I couldn't stand it. Now, I don't even think about it.

She sounds fun. Enjoy her positive energy!


Sounds like you're having fun!

Text abbreviations are my pet peeve. I've gotten so many e-mails on dating sites saying things like "what ru doing grl?

Ummm, no. For a number of reasons, but also because I know you typed that on a keyboard and are STILL that lazy.

Have fun tonight!


Once again, I hate to be the cynical one BUT...there is already something about this woman and her habits that annoy you and what's it been? A week? For me this is a red flag. Sorry to be the voice of reason here, tell me to shut up if you must.


Texting abbreviations can dive me nuts as well.

Brent texted "srsly" the other day and I almost castrated him. ;)

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