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Okay I have to admit it. I got bored last weekend and I'm doing online dating again. I know me? After I bad mouth it as much as I do and even blog about it. You may ask why I did so and I would answer I was being lazy. With pushing the envelope at work I've been lax on getting out to meet people. So hence online dating again for a short while. Now that I've admitted that I can go back to bitching about it.

First I do have some questions for you ladies that I have never really gotten a good answer from my female friends. We guys would like to know. What is up with you women and travel? It's a standard on a woman's profile and we just don't know why. I'm really surprised I haven't heard a comedian doing a bit on this cause it's talked about by guys.

What I'm truly amazed on some sites is that most women in my age group want to meet men making over $100 grand a year. Hey I'd like to meet a woman in my age bracket that looks like Audrina Partridge or Bar Refeali. Hey I know it's just a fantasy in my head so I don't put it in my profile.

While I could write a book here I'll finish with two things. One is that everyone seems to want a relationship with good communication. However I have yet to see any one's actions follow that up. I can see if you read my email, but I get no response. While silence is an answer it's not an emotionally mature one. Personally I always answer and say it's not a match for me. While it may not be what you want to hear you do have an answer.

The last thing is for god freaking sake capitalize your "i" and don't write like you're texting. Cause I will bounce your ass right off the list with that stuff. Hey we all have to draw a line somewhere.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't fault you for getting back out there into the online dating world.

I write that I love to travel because I really do and I can back it up. I speak two languages, I've lived in Europe and whether or not I meet a man or not my dreams and goals in life involve seeing the world. Life would be so much easier for me with a man that feels the same.

But I only speak for myself.

I also don't put income requirements up on the profiles. I get to know the man first before we discuss financials. In fact, I really don't discuss money with men until we get serious.

We all want good communication. But if a woman is not responding to your e-mail she is not into you and you should move on and forget about getting a response.

I don't like sending rejection letters, and 1% of men I've been in contact sent me a rejection response.

Men say they would rather have a rejection response than no response at all, and I don't agree with that.

Like you though, not capitalizing "is" is such a turn off.


Yeah its a fine line with emailing via a dating site. Most Aussie men make a one line effort. Hardly inspires us to write back. Others (rare breed) like to give their life story which totally bores you and leaves zilch to discover over coffee.

a) whats wrong with liking travel
b) caring what a man earns should be a red flag for any man.


Sooz- nothing wrong with travel. However it's just like shoes. Every women wants it. As guys we've come to understand the shoes, but travel still eludes us. Yes on the money part it is a flag. I was just surprised to see it so prevalent.

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