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Okay this is day 2 of my reader being totally fucked up. It's always nice to see that the people I follow have written something. Who and what is another story. Only part of the screen is there and I have not been able to adjust it at all. So my belief is that it's on their end and not mine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So if one of your lurkers is missing it's probably me.
I visited my Mom today in the hospital. She was sleeping so I just talked to the nurse about making sure she was leaving today. She informed me that was the plan and the doctor would be by later in the morning to make it official. I did get the confirmation call a little while ago. She will go back to the rehab side before heading to her room. I do need to make sure that we won't be billed for that also.

I may seem callus to some, but I don't really care where my Mom is as long as a) she's being taken good care of and b) I'm not footing the bill. As long as these 2 things are met I'm good. The hospital is too much into prolonging her life which I know is their mission, but it's not our wishes. When she starts to go I don't want any interference. It may be all spelled out and black and white, but things can get played with.

I did have a meeting this morning with an old business associate about doing a client appreciation event together. Most people know that I'm on ball with a lot of this stuff which is nice. However trying to find someone to go along with me is always the problem. The one thing that I did realize out of the meeting is that I know the business is doing better this year than last at this time. However since it's not stable or where I want it I don't feel like it's good. So I had to run my numbers to give me the pleasure of knowing what I'm doing is working out. It's nice to see that numbers show it going in the right direction.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't think that you are being callous at all.

Those that have never been in your shoes could never understand what you're going through.

I hope that things work themselves out.

The reader on Blogger is effed up. I have to follow my readers manually sometimes.


Wow, sorry to hear about your mom. x


It is so difficult to be the parent to your parent. You are handling it so well. As my dad was slipping away in 2008 it was the first time we had this unspoken understanding. The doctors and my mom were in the room going on and on and my dad just looked at me and said, "You understand what I want, don't you?" Yes, Dad. I understood. Some times you have to let go. Hang in there Mike. You are your mother's only advocate and you are wise.


You are so not being callous, Mike. You're doing the best you can with what you've got. Keep up the good work!

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