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What Time is It?

One thing I hate about meeting for a date is the waiting. When you pick someone up I feel like I have some control over the situation. Waiting in Starbucks for someone to arrive is nerve racking. Kitcat was late which made matters only worse. I was thinking of calling her when she showed up. My worry was what had happened. She went to the wrong Starbucks. I had worried about her looks since most of her pictures were old, but she was very attractive. Kitcat can talk and she has a great sense of humor which was evident in that we laughed most of the time we were together. I did break a rule of mine and asked her out for something to eat afterwards. I was hungry and having fun so I figured why not. It was then that I realized we had already been talking 4 hours. I had been jonesing for some sushi and Kitcat really likes the same restaurant that I do so we headed on over to continue talking and eat.

Her son is a little younger than I like at the age of 9. Anything under Eric's age I usually avoid, however since she has joint custody and only has him for part of the week it shouldn't be bad. It's going to be a bit of a switch for me since Kitcat is available every Monday and Tuesday and every other weekend. Mondays are always out for me with my meeting. I'll probably be cutting back on $1 movie Tuesday's unless I invite her along. Since I wouldn't be able to see her for a week or so I invited her to come see Sherlock Holmes with the singles group. Hopefully Asp won't come. I know she's a hug Robert Downey Jr. fan.

So far the dating pool is pleasant enough.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Glad you had a nice date. I hope it works out.


More details please! Did you feel an attraction? If so, how did you let her know you were attracted? Did she offer to pay for the coffee or dinner? Did you let her know you wanted to see her again? When will you contact her again? How much did you talk or email before you met? Did you ask her back to your place? Details, Mike:))) Did you kiss her??

I'm drowning out here, Mike! One miserable experience after the next. I'm so glad you're online again so I can see the dating process from your perspective.

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