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It's always a roller coaster ride with some of the residents at the house. Legal girl will not be joining us I found out this morning. We knew she had a 18 year old daughter who moved out since she graduated high school and we knew about her 4 year old son. What we didn't know was her 16 year old daughter. It seems this daughter is in some trouble for drunken disorderly and was going to spend time with her grandmother to straighten her out, but it seems Legal girl is going to get a place for them all and take care of it. What ride shall we go on next?

I was surprised to find myself a little bit emotional hearing my wedding song on the way to work this morning. It's Our Song by Elton John. It's not like I haven't heard it in the last 5 years, but I guess I'm letting more things in now. Who know?

I've always known not to quickly look for someone else to date once someone doesn't work out. I know myself I get a bit squirrely and switch from want to need mode. It's usually when I choose a crazy chick since I'm crazy myself at that moment.

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Now that she won't be living with you, you can track her down and ask her out. You should totally ask her out !

And if she says no, well then you'd never have to see her again anyway.......


It does sound like a roller coaster ride, but there's so much going on in LG's life...a little distance may not be a bad thing for now.

I love the Elton John song, but when you're in a melancholy mood, it doesn't help, does it?

I didn't realize it's only been 5 years for you. I'm getting your story in bits and pieces, but I'm getting it. :)

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