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Sane Friends

Blast from the Past

I got a postcard in the mail the other day for my high school alumni to update my information. I figured they were going to try and sell me something. After all the banter they tried to sell me a book and CD. No offense, but for 1-2 people I could give a rat's ass about my high school alumni. It's been 25 years. If I haven't keep in touch there's probably a reason. It's funny since MC and I were talking about this yesterday. Even people in chiropractic college I could care less, although if I did run into them I would catch up. We were a closer bunch of people so it did bond us. I didn't bond with anyone in high school.

What a freakin' dead week at work. Another chiropractor I talked to said the same. So I've turned it up a notch and making sure all my marketing is getting done. I've been working on the big things like the two major schools, but those are long term projects that will take time to get going. I have to remember to keep my eye on the short term stuff.

I tell you I'm always amazed how many people will show up for a movie. Tomorrow night I scheduled the Proposal and there's 11 people coming. Some of the bug blockbusters from the summer barely got a notice.

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