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Idiot Dies on Own Spittle

You know one thing I truly hate is choking to death on your own spittle. We've all done it. Just swallowing innocently and it just happens to take a right turn in Albuquerque and it ends up in your trachea and you're choking. The headlines pass before your eyes, "Idiot dies on own spittle."

I'm having a patient appreciation dance this weekend so it's a day of making phone calls. For some reason this isn't as bad as the holiday calls. I guess since I feel there is a purpose. On other things I need to call my Mom's place to handle financial issues there. I would rather give up my left nut than deal with this stuff.

Still no word from Barker so I'll officially move her to the dead file. Part of me is raring up to meet someone else, but the another part says to just relax and take sometime. I don't know who to listen to since I seem to be on a roll of bad dates. At least this hasn't happened yet.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hehehehe, I had a couple of those in my younger days, and then again I had a couple of OH MY GOD!!!!

Estela in Sunny South TX :-)


I think that you should listen to the part of you that is telling you to relax and take some time off. After all, it is your inner voice talking to you.

You don't have a problem meeting women, so what's the rush ? You can always hop back on the dating wagon later.

You've been having a string of unlucky dating experiences, so taking some time back and examining why might give you some insight as to why things haven't worked out.

I am speaking from experience. I decided to take some time off after my unlucky bout of dating last year. Because if you keep moving forward immediately, you could carry some of the frustrations from your previous dates into the next one.

Good luck with whatever you seem to do. I hope this next chica brings better luck.

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