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Sane Friends

Feel Like I'm Playing the Stock Market

Well Charming never called last night. I would say she was busy with her son, but she was on Match. Who the hell knows? I run all the singles events, so we're going to run into each to other. So either say no or go out and say theirs no chemistry. Weird.

Also no reply from Tax girl either. I so love dating. Anyway in usual Mike fashion I started talking to someone else. She's going away for the weekend so we'll talk again next week. I knew Army girl was working last night so I didn't expect to talk to her. Hopefully tonight.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I wish people would keep their promises, even the little ones, like calling when they said they would.

Sorry about the dating disappointments, Mike. Internet dating and its lukewarm enthusiasm on people's parts to be respectful just leaves me cold.

You're probably smarter than me to get right back up in the saddle again, regardless. It's a numbers game, right ?

And who knows, maybe the froglets are being winnowed out so that the Princess is gonna be close by :)


I hate when someone promises to call and they don't. It pisses me off like nothing else.


I agree it's common manners. However it tells a lot about a person that you WANT to know.

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