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Poverty Mentality

My brother and I talk on this topic frequently and how it colors our world. I was reminded about this topic Friday when I stopped by Barnes & Nobles. I ran into CPA man. We shook hands and said a few words before heading along our merry way. Afterwards I was in a good mood from having met him. When I thought about why its because I put him in a higher status than myself. He's well connected through the community, etc. When I thought about it I realized we sort of run in the same circles. While he has many more years experience in it I'm doing pretty well for my short time. So it comes down to me always looking through the expensive store window at the world that I believe is beyond me.

it's all crap I know, but boy is it hard to erase. When I think back to childhood I don't remember thinking poor, but I never compared myself to others. Talking to people now and hearing about all the family vacations and I'm like what are those? I didn't start those till I was married. Big Wheels and normal kids board games were great at my friends houses, but escaped me.

So as always when I have a problem I talk about it. I see the flow start to happen when I do. Case in point is the Art show I did yesterday with the Singles. Only 2 other people showed up which I didn't care since I was doing it anyway. Anyway one of the guys kept having to look at his Blackberry. All my of business colleagues have them. Again I see them as something beyond me like a Ferrari. However I have a Palm and a cell phone. It would be great to have 1 item instead of 2 especially with summer on us. I can't believe how I limit myself with options just because I think they are beyond me.

I looked at upgrading my phone to something that would combine my Palm and phone, but nothing will allow me to get it without either paying several hundred dollars for the phone or an extra $30 for web services that I don't need on the phone. At least now I have options which I am grateful for.

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poverty mentality - one of my ex boyfriends pointed this out to me and I've been amazed at its existence ever since. I so related to this post, Mike.

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