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I've Been Cured

OMG I'm dying. We had country cured ham for dinner tonight. I would have had less salt if I just sucked down all the salt in the shaker. I knew it would be bad when the Landlord said it was salty. Salting my food is a rare thing and is usually reserved for salad. I can feel the pile of salt sitting and burning a hole in the bottom of my stomach. In an attempt not to wake up a dessicated mass in the morning I'm downing the water as fast as I can.

Today the singles and I saw Indiana Jones at the Commodore theater. I think this was the very first event that everyone who said they were coming, came. What did you know Virginia there is a Santa Claus. We had some Commodore virgins which is always fun as the ooo and aaa about the place. Hey it's the Commodore. Since we had the routine down from last time their was no problem with Frau Blooker in the ticket booth. It was like visiting the Soup Nazi. We paid and took a step to the left and waited.

The movie was good and I'll put it above Temple of Doom, but Raiders and Lost Crusade still beat it. Afterwards we walked down the street to get a drink. Sorry no pics.

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