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Sane Friends

Game Night

Game Night has become the #1 event since it's the most well attended. As always it's a lot of fun and we've had to split into 2 groups. One of the games we played was Battle of the Sexes. What's interesting about the game is that the men's subjects breakdown like this: 80% sports, 15% drinking, and 5% tools. While the women's categories run the whole gambit. They kicked our butt.

It is interesting there is 2 camps in the group. Those looking for dates and those for friends. I fall into the latter since it is a lot harder to find friends than dates. I have to admit I don't miss salsa. While the dancing was fun I enjoy hanging out better with people my own age.

This morning when I went to get treated at my friend's I helped an old man change his tire. He hit the curb although he told me he caught some air. By the bent axle I could tell he really whacked it. My good deed for the day.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

So are these board games you are playing. I'm thinking of having a game night party...any suggestions?


I try to have question type games so that we all talk which makes for more fun.

Try these:
Scruples, What's Mine Like, Life Stories, Outburst, Taboo.

These work better than say scrabble.

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