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Mother's Day

Like Father's Day this is almost a non day for me. It's hard to see my Mom as she declines. Something else must of happened since her left hand seems weak now. I was happy to see that she had some gross use of her right hand. She did look nice today. The staff had dressed her nice for the holiday. I had picked up some hot pink nail polish for her. My Mom seems to like the flashy colors in her old age. So I did her nails and had a Snickers bar for her since they don't always have chocolate chip cookies there. I know my Mom and she is not one to pass up on the sweets. I wasn't able to contact my brother and family so their was no connection for her on that end.

The rest of the day has been relaxing. I've written a lot today which is surprising. Although it's nice to look at all that I have accomplished so far. Now I'm just hanging until Comedy Improv later tonight.

Talking with my Landlord last night and he said Single might be leaving us. Truly I don't care since I think she is more of a problem than she is worth which is something my Landlord is realizing. On a long enough time line her ways will cause a fire or some other disaster in the house. I was surprised with my Landlord's choices of what to do if she leaves:

1) Just be him and me which I have no complaints with
2) All guy house which isn't too bad. The guys that have stayed in the past have kept to themselves and been no problems.
3) I was surprised that finding another parent with a child was on the bottom of the list. He stated that he thought the generational gap was becoming too much of a problem and that we've had this long string of problem mothers.

So we'll see. I was waiting for it to happen, but utilities will be going up for us. It sucks, but with everything else sky rocketing it had to happen.

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