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Sane Friends

Hump Night

Well I was able to score some last minute free tickets to the Funny Bone. What is really funny is that tickets cost $10, but I will probably never pay to go there. Why? Because I have never paid to go there. In 2-3 years I've always gone for free and it would just be too weird to actually pay for admission. While I pay the same price for comedy improv each month and I don't blink an eye.

Anyway only one other person showed up. It was her first event, so it was fun talking to her. I had seen the first 2 comedians before, but I really wanted to see the main guy. Why? Well he has cerebral palsy. I figured either he is really good or he's gonna suck big time. He was hilarious. The only downer of the whole show was this one chick up in the front. I would like to say she was drunk, but she was just an asshole. I was really surprised management didn't say anything because enough of the crowd was.

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