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Hey I'm the Boss

Today is one of those days when I'm happy that I'm the boss. For the first time in many days the weather is nice and I was too lazy to do any ironing so it became casual Wednesday at the office. Some of my patients will joke with me about taking it easy today and it's the truth. I'm very comfortable in jeans and sneakers.

I had asked everyone in the singles group if they wanted to host an event which was just greeting everyone who came and let me know who came. I can't be every place and this is the time when their are tons of activities going on. I was going to rant and tell them all to "fuck off" the next time they complained about events, but a bunch of people came through this morning. Actually no one stepped up to the plate on anything I suggested, but 2 people did offer alternative events which I'm good with.
I'm looking forward to sushi tonight with the singles. For some reason a bunch of the women just bowed out. I don't know if it was because the only men were myself and a 62 year old man. I know some women are really gun-ho about finding a guy that they cut their nose despite themselves. Who knows?

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