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You Don't Talk About Fight Club

I see the police department is talking about me. How do I know this? Well the Sheriff's department calls me and this guy is new and tells me I'm on there referral list. After they tell me to calm down which I am. If there was a problem they would have probably kicked in my door and swarmed in here with a SWAT unit. Anyway they want money and since I give to the local police force they wanted there share. Sorry pal I got double reamed on that already since their really spreading the word this year.

On other news I do want to thank the Dating Goddess for her latest entry about relationship recovery time. I always know I need something between the women I date, but I never had a hard and fast number. I tried taking some time after Law girl, but it was not enough and I'm paying the price now. I feel like a Venus flytrap. I'm happy in my life just sitting there, but once a woman comes near, I'm lit. The countdown starts and my mind is already working on how to ask her out. It's not optional at the moment and I don't like being in that place. Hey I knew what I was doing and I thought I could play with fire and not get burnt. Well now I need to let the healing begin.

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Hi Mike:

Thanks for once again mentioning me and my blog in your entry. You rock!

Yes, it is good to let some time pass to heal, especially if you were emotionally attached. But be clear on the difference between healing and wallowing. The latter is a place you want to move on from quickly.

I'm glad you can get lit up around attractive women, but this may be a time for you to hid your light under a bushel, at least until you feel healed enough to allow someone else into your heart.

Dating Goddess
Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40


You know, taking time to heal is good. But for me, leaving my exhusband 8 years ago was the right thing to do, but I realized that I still have issues and it's still hard to let someone in my heart. Although I have someone that I love, there's still a wall over it. It was still hard after so many years to date and let someone in, until I did one day and he turned out to be a big liar. He was married and lied about it. That just made things worse. I shut down even more.
But i'm cool. That's life. We must move on. There's always a brighter day, better relationships and all. ;)


Thanks for thr Dating Goddess referral. I'll be checking it out later on.

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