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Sane Friends

Social Butterfly

As I mark my calendar I see I'm becoming a social butterfly. Who would have thunk? I'm scheduling at least 3 events a week for the singles. I'm trying to give a wide variety of stuff that I would enjoy doing since I have to be there since no one else has stepped up to the plate. Besides finding another happy hour place I'm set for next month. Even with seminars and Eric coming to visit its a pretty busy month of kayaking, wine, museums, jazz, games, etc. As with any group I'm seeing the people that will come out and the closet members that will never leave the comfort of their monitor.
I have to admit that most of the people in the group are introverts. It maybe why their in the group. Getting out and doing stuff just maybe too hard for them. However I'm starting to make friends which is big for me since I really don't have any here. I have to admit that friends have a higher priority than dating since they most likely will last longer. Pretty much since I graduated 13 years ago most of my friends scattered to the far ends of the country and friends in close physical proximity has been very lean.

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