Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

Like Corraling Cats

Now even my business group is becoming a pain with trying to get them all to participate. They all whine that they want business, but when it comes time to do the work jeez the run to the hills. I'm half Sicilian so I say just bust few knee caps to stimulate some business. However no one else seems to have my fiery desire. The rest of the leadership is happy to have me be the heavy which I don't mind. Hey someone has to do it. Everyone likes the results, but boy if you give them an inch they will run with it. I'll be happy when my term is over although I fear for the group with whoever follows since everyone else is a softy.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

How much longer do you have?


End of August. I'll take any other position. The VP does EVERYTHING. I'm not quite sure why they have anyone else.

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