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Sane Friends

Game Night

Game night went very well. We had a lot of people cancel at the last moment so it was a smaller crowd than usual, but it worked out well. The new Starbucks liked us a lot so it worked out well. I'm starting to see the main crowd of the group since they attend almost everything. The women are doing well with starting friendships and doing other activities.
My latest acquisition went over really well Zombango. It ask great questions like would you rather a cup of toe jam or drink a bathtub full of dirty bathwater. You know the big questions of our time.

It's funny I need my Palm to keep everyone informed of when the next event is.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm so going to do a game night for my bday next week. But I have also added a pie fight and ol wrestling as well.

I'm not kidding :)


Hey where's my invite.

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