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The Yin & Yang of Living

IN my adult life I've always needed at least either work of home life to be stable. Through turmoil of marriage at time both places were trouble and I had no place to hide. When that happens I have problems since I can't meet my needs of happiness or at least survival.

What's the point you say? Well even though I can't afford it I would still like to have my own place. However like I was commenting on Travistee's blog about growing up and changing perspectives. Since I have never really lived by myself except dorm life and the few months after I spit from my ex. I would like to experience it in a better situation. However I see how I am when the house is empty now. While I enjoy blasting my music and being naked. It does lose its charm quickly. I like having someone in the house and I feel very unconnected when no one is around. Talk over dinner is a favorite of mine. I know a lot of this is because I am alone throughout the day. My patients are my social life, but they come and go and their is a different level of camaraderie.

While hiking this morning I talked about how I no longer want a place with property. While it looks great I no longer want the responsibility for taking care of it. My responsibilities are elsewhere and I don't want anymore. Like many single mom's who date that want a man to make the plans since they are tired of doing it in all other aspects of their life.

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I tend to get into super ruts when I am alone. I'd probably turn into the weird neighbor lady who wears mismatched clothes and collects old magazines if I didn't have someone in the house to interact with.

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