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Sane Friends


Since the humidity was climbing fast and I wasn't paying to put the AC on in my car. I headed over to the hotel to wait for the start of the seminar. After marking my territory in the room I sat and relaxed in the lobby and enjoyed my book.
My friend OVDC was there and we got to talk since I hadn't seen her in about 2 weeks. Running late my friend Peggy made it to the seminar. We went to school together and this is the second time I've seen her since we graduated 13 years ago. During breaks we took walks and caught up. I did get a good compliment from her. She asked what happen to me. I use to have boy shoulders and now I'm all broad shouldered. LOL. I was going to ask if she wanted to grab dinner to talk some more to catch up, but she was off to her family's place for dinner.

I tell you the seminar is good, but I can't do school anymore. I have about a 20 minute attention span to listen to lectures. The hands on stuff was easy and I absorb that like a sponge.
While I learned a lot of good information to help my patients get a lot better, I got two areas of healing done. The first is that I had a crush on Peggy when we were in school. She was just getting out of a bad marriage and was dating my ex. In the back of my mind she has always stayed stashed away. Talking to her this weekend that has disappeared. While I still like her and happy to have her as a friend, anything beyond that isn't for me.
The other was I ran into the guy I was suppose to buy and office from when I first moved to Virginia. He didn't want to add a non compete clause in the contract and then I started having problems with my lenders in taking so long that I cancelled the deal. Whatever bad blood that was still there was washed away which was nice.
The craziest part of the weekend was driving home on the interstate and a doe is trying to cross the highway. The middle of the day, not rutting season, and a busy highway. It was weird and it was scary as hell when I'm trying not to slam into her at 70 mph. Honking my horn got her back off the road, but she never froze like deer do. She just kept wandering.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

No A/C in your car??? OMG that would so not work here in AZ!!!

YOur story about Peggy reminds me of that saying, "right person, wrong time"...

I also enjoy hearing about others that connect and then reconnect later...I predict that you may exchange more than Christmas cards in the future....


Good Tuesday morning Mike,
Glad those 2 things got cleared up, and that the deer - and you/your car were unhurt !

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