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I got up early so I drove to Williamsburg hours before my seminar. I found out where everything was before heading over to Colonial Williamsburg and the Downtown area. They were having a farmer's market so I wandered around the area.
I checked out a lot of the stores. While I'm don't like colonial decor it was interesting to see some of the stores collectibles. The humidity was rising quickly so I headed off to the seminar.
After the seminar I headed back to finish looking around the area. It was really nice to just enjoy and relax. I miss vacations. It took me a while to realize what I liked about the area. I saw that the area has nature and the buildings intertwined so it gives a living feel. It was a pleasure to just sit there, breath in the area, and soak up the atmosphere.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

What a cute little town!


I like that "living" feel as well, trees and such right there with the buildings. I have to laugh at your comment that you don't like the colonial decor, etc. Um, you were visiting WILLIAMSBURG, which is SUPPOSED to look / be colonial :) Looking forward to seeing it again myself (in October).

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